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Wheelie Machine ULTRA E2

Wheelie Machine ULTRA E2

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Designed to fit any motorcycle Dirt, Street, etc.

Wheelie Machine ULTRA is designed to fit any motorcycle (Dirt, Cross, Enduro, Street, Sport, Sports Tourer, Standard, Cruiser, Adventure, Electric,  etc.) if it is just not a single-sided swingarm one and the rear tire diameter is within the indicated limits: MIN: 31cm and MAX: 75cm. The axle could be hollow or solid regardless of the bike you use.

The Wheelie Machine ULTRA has become more versatile thanks to the new stunning ULTRA Add-On. No need for add-on switching anymore like in V5. Now with the single ULTRA add-on, you can use bikes with 31 cm to 75 cm diameter of the rear tire! Once again: with just a single add-on!

You can use this wheelie trainer ULTRA with minibikes like Honda GROM or other small bikes and up to big ones like Harley Davidson or dirt bikes with very high tires as well.

The dimensions of the Wheelie Machine ULTRA have become even more compact (12% smaller than V5), and the weight has decreased by 18%. It has become more convenient to transport, and attach to your bike, and it’s also more comfortable to use with low-power motorcycles using just a single Add-on. At the same time, the construction of the wheelie trainer itself has become significantly stiffer and more durable.

Absolutely new rollover protection system for the Wheelie Machine ULTRA. It is now reinforced with a chain. It’s very compact and foldable, easy to transport and store. Easy to adjust and attach. Now can be used with minibikes as well.

ULTRA Rollover Protection (URP) system is intended for motorcycles that do not have a round bar (wheelie bar/ 12 o’clock bar) installed. It keeps your bike from looping. If you go beyond the balance point, you can damage the motorcycle's tail light or fender. URP system allows you to adjust the angle of the motorcycle. For example, at the very beginning of training, you can start with a small angle, then increase the length of the chain to increase the ascent angle.

The new reinforced roll-over protection system for the Wheelie Machine ULTRA is very compact and foldable, making it easy to transport the machine. Please note that this option can only be added at the stage of building your wheelie machine. It is impossible to add it to an already-produced wheelie machine. If you would like to have such an option on your wheelie machine, then you need to add it before ordering.

The ULTRA Footboards (UF) option is designed to protect the rider. When practicing on a wheelie machine, force major circumstances can sometimes occur, and if a rider's foot falls into the arm of the wheelie trainer when it moves, then the probability of injury is not excluded. Thus, ULTRA Footboards protect the rider and make the training process more comfortable and safe. Please note that it is much cheaper to add this option along with the purchase of a wheelie trainer than to buy it separately later.

Significantly reinforced impact plate mounting and footboards, the new shape of reinforced arms and footboards. New tie-rod mounting system, and many other new features and improvements.

The new ULTRA Wheels with reliable custom-made reinforced replaceable bearings and axles. No more firm tires. The best wheelie experience can be gained with the soft wheels only. We inflate our wheels with nitrogen.

The new wheelie trainer ultra allows it to be used with any motorcycle with a rear wheel diameter with tires ranging from 31cm to 75cm. For minibikes, the holes below are used; for motorcycles of standard or large size, the holes are located above. A single ULTRA Connection Set (UCS) option is already included in the price of the wheelie machine ULTRA.

The ULTRA Folding Fastener (UFF) option allows you to fix the arms via tie-rods on the wheelie trainer when folded so that you can comfortably transport the wheelie machine from the storage or garage to the place where you plan to practice and back. This option makes that mount more solid while transporting in your pickup truck, minivan, or SUV.

It's very common when non-hollow rear axes are on motorcycles with small engine displacements. An ULTRA Attachment set allows you to attach the wheelie machine to a motorcycle with no holes in the rear axles. Wheelie Machine ULTRA allows you to choose the specific attachments you'd like to get or the regular set of attachments, which includes 4 pieces with 17, 19, 24, and 27 mm dimensions for the different types of nuts.

You can choose different colors for the body (Main Color) and the elements like arms, an impact plate, tie rods, bolt ends, and the rear wheel swing arm (Secondary Color). Gorgeous Graphite Gray as the Main & Traffic red as the Secondary color is included free for all versions of the new wheelie trainers.
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