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WheelieMate wheelie trainer

WheelieMate wheelie trainer

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WHEELIEMATE is a unique wheelie trainer (wheelie guard) with its usage you can feel and learn to wheelie in safe way. Because it can limit the angle (the height) of the front wheel rising from the ground within wide range. This prevents the wheelie learning rider from looping (falling backward). With the help of the static support lever, the pilot gradually develops the ability to handle the clutch, throttle and rear brakes, and all safely. Using WHEELIEMATE, you will feel a slight forward push when the support wheel (or castor) hits, touches the ground.

However, this can take a long learning time (up to 100-200 hours of practice), but with WHEELIEMATE it is still shorter than without it, as you can try and practice more boldly because the risk of looping is significantly reduced. The WHEELIEMATE bracket and support lever are made of ultra-light and strong, high-quality 7075-T651 aluminium generally used in the aerospace industry.

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